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Set yourself up for success by using the best resume writing service available.

What makes a resume writing service “the best?”

Have you found yourself at that point lately, where you’re just frustrated with your resume? It can feel like no matter how you tweak it or spice it up, it just doesn’t read right? Or maybe you’re juggling school or work or the kids, and you just don’t have the time? That’s alright, that’s why there are resume writing services out there! The only problem you find is that there are tons of them out there. So, how do you find the best resume writing service?

Want to be found by employers?

Here’s some key elements you can look for to lead you down the right path.

1) The service offers and agrees upon a contract before the service starts.
2) Both standard resume writers and field-specific writers are available.
3) Both credentials and customer reviews are available upon request.
4) The service gives a clearly stated timeframe for completion.
5) A guarantee behind the service.

Is it hard to find the right choice?

It seems like it’d be a daunting task to comb through the hundreds of pages on google, right? So now that you have an idea of what separates the best resume writing services from the others, how do you find it? We’re here to try to help lighten the load; we’ve done the groundwork for you! When you’re asking yourself, “who could provide all of this in one place?” you’ll get the answer Top Resume!

Top Resume

Top Resume is one of the best resume writing services you could ask for. Not only do they provide everything on the “must have” list, but their service works. Consequently, over 400,000 people have found jobs with Top Resume since they opened just five years ago! Their team of over 1,000 resume writers is dedicated to ensuring your best foot is put forward in the workforce.

Sure, there’s a big team of writers, but what truly makes them the BEST resume writing service?

So let’s go through that “must have” list again and explain how they hit a home run on all of them.

Interested in a free resume review?

1) A resume writing service contract

Top Resume absolutely offers crystal clear contracts. There’s none of that “fine print” you have to fret about or any hidden agendas or fees that will sneak up on you. Also, they provide a contract that states everything you and your writer have agreed upon. The writers begin work as soon as you sign the contract!

2) Both standard and field expert resume writers

Top Resume is proud of that big number of writers they boast because they should be. Having over 1,000 writers offers the most diversity and creativity you can imagine. Perhaps you’re looking to just tweak a few things, like your resume format? Perfect! They have whole departments of writers who are adept at tweaking. Maybe you’re looking to impress high-level technical engineers? Top Resume has writers for that too. In that big number, you find writers, certified career coaches, recruiters and specialists in over 65 professional fields. You won’t find yourself frustrated with someone who doesn’t grasp your career, which makes it all the merrier.

3) Credentials and customer service reviews

Not only does Top Resume state directly that their writers all have impressive, available credentials, but they have reviews on their front page! So you can scroll through to your heart’s content and read how others have interacted with their services. They’re proud of the work they put forward, and how happy their customers are.

4) A clearly stated timeframe

While some companies offer you a generalized timeline or give you a wait list, Top Resume tells you clear as day what their simple process is and what their timeline looks like. Once conversations have gotten going, your writer will reach out to you! They will collaborate with you to provide a first draft, which will be delivered to you within a week. Then, you’ll have another week to provide feedback to your writer, with up to two rounds of revisions. As a result, the process takes one to two weeks, depending on your feelings and revisions as a customer!

5) A guaranteed service

Part of why Top Resume can say they’re on the list of best resume writing services is because they offer a 60-day guarantee behind their eligible services. Not only do they want to ensure your resume looks professional, but they also want to make sure it gets you results. So, you are not receiving two times more job interviews (than before your service) within 60 days, they will write it again! They offer this as a one time, free-of-charge rewrite to show that they truly want you to succeed!

This all sounds great, but it seems like a bit of work. Am I sure I don’t want to do this myself?

We all have things we’re adept at, and things were not so adept at. Usually when you find yourself saying “I’ll fix it myself,” it ends up being either more expensive or too worth the hassle. Likewise, resumes are the same. Having a professionally written resume has far more pros than cons and can save you time and momey in the end. Pros and cons, like?

Those who have professionally written resumes in the workforce are 38% more likely to be contacted by recruiters. They’re also 31% more likely to land an interview, and 41% more likely to land a job. It’s for reasons like, knowing which keywords to use to optimize an ATS (Automatic Tracking System), and what skills should be highlighted to employers. The average length of a job search is 8 weeks, and for every day you’re unemployed, you’re losing money. Even if using a resume service shortens your search by a few days, that’s a few more days you’re earning.

So, how do I reach out to Top Resume?

You’re in luck, in that such an amazing service is so easy to access. It’s five quick steps to go from frustrated to elated.

  • First, you go to! .Jobs is one Top Resume’s direct partners and works closely with them to help achieve your goals.
  • Second, select “upload resume,” which is found just below the search bar.
  • You’ll then be prompted to fill out the usual account making forms, your name and email, etc. Make sure to fill everything out and double check the important info is spelled correctly!
  • You’ll be asked to attach your current resume to the form after you’ve entered your info.
    Then you hit submit! That’s it!

Interested in a free resume review?

In less than 24 hours you could start your path to creating the perfect resume.

Top Resume will contact you within 24 hours. They’ll reach out and let you know they've received your resume and share some suggestions. You’ll be given the next steps for both you and the company to get to where the contract is signed and your resume is being doctored. Top Resume and its partners like .Jobs take pride in your success. Take that next step and help the best resume writing service help make you the best candidate for the job.