Free Job Posting: Pro’s and Con’s of Free Job Posting

Is free job posting for you? Or should you opt for a paid package? If you’re a hiring manager searching for the top job posting sites for employers, you’re probably getting mixed signals. Many of these companies want to sell you their services. But it’s hard to know when to cut corners and when to spend the extra money. So is free job posting for you?

.Jobs can help you figure out if free job posting is your smartest play! And if you’d be better off with a premium package, we have industry low rates starting at $99. Interested in testing our premium posts? Give us a call 1-855-562-7952 and we will give you your first post for a $1.00! Our sites like US.Jobs are the perfect place to learn how to optimize free ad posting and why you may want to upgrade.

The Pros Of Free Job Posting

Once you’ve created a targeted and appealing job posting, you’re eager to start raking in potential candidates. But should you be using a free job posting to get it out quick and easy? Well, there are benefits to going this route.

  • It’s free. Obviously! That means it’s one less subscription to think about, one less set of costs to juggle.
  • It’s low-commitment. Do you have plenty of time to fill a position? With free job posting, you can throw out some lure of a free ad posting and see what comes back with very little effort on your part.
  • It’s great for tight budgets. When you’re trying to build a business, you’re already up to your neck in additional work and expenses. If you can find a way to bring employees on without paying for or working hard on the search, why wouldn’t you take it?

For all the benefits of free website advertising, there are a lot of reasons you may want to splurge for more complete packages. After all, people are buying premium job posting packages for a reason.

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The Cons Of Free Job Posting

If you’ve taken all this time to put together enticing job postings, you may want to forgo the free job posting for some more robust options. We’ll get into the specifics of what sets apart free job posting from paid in just a bit. For now, you should know that premium packages (including the .Jobs packages) offer the following.

  • Flexible job postings.
  • Prioritized placement job postings.
  • Extra features for job posters (like guaranteed views).

With that in mind, here are some of the cons of going with free job posting.

  • Posts degrade down the search results list quickly. That’s the way search results work on even the best free job posting sites for employers. The longer a job posting stagnates without getting filled, the further down the list it goes.
  • It’s slower. Because a free ad posting falls down the list and doesn’t hold top position on a site, it will take longer for more people to see it. That translates to a slower hiring process.
  • It’s less competitive. When other people are willing to dish out the extra money for job posting, they get more attention first. This doesn’t count out free job posting-- most people search many jobs across several sites-- but it is a disadvantage.
  • It’s limited. Even the best free job posting sites limit you to, often, one free post. If you’re trying to fill multiple positions, you probably don’t want to post one job opening at a time.

Weighing both the pros and cons, .Jobs has created packages that make premium posts accessible to all budgets and needs.

Why You Should Choose US.Jobs For Job Posting

US.Jobs, as with all the sites in the .Jobs network, is but one of tens of thousands of career sites for your job posting. Because we own the top level domain .Jobs, all job postings get distributed across several sites at once using relevant keywords. For instance, a US based HR Manager job posting will appear on US.Jobs, HR.Jobs, Manager.Jobs, and more.

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You’re paying to get priority placement in relevant job searches. Your job posting will appear at the top of the list with an indicator that it’s a hot commodity. We also sell by slot, not by posting. That’s to your advantage-- when one job posting gets filled, simply throw in another for as long as you have the slot!

You can get these slots individually or in packages. But it’s not just the .Jobs network that makes our job posting services so valuable. We also have industry low rates, starting at just $99 to host your job posting across a wide range of targeted job search sites. So getting that top positions on US.Jobs means you get that top positions across all other relevant sites, too!.