How to choose the right job ads for your postings

and where to buy job ads

In the hunt for the best applicants, employers need to be looking for fresh places to place job ads. Exploring new avenues, finding new markets, just like they do with their product. But it’s easy to get caught in the trap of posting your job ads on your own website and calling it a day. Then again, without spending a fortune, where are you supposed to post jobs?

.Jobs has options for you! Even beyond your competitively priced job slots, we’ve gathered some of the best places for you to post jobs on the cheap. You can find those below.

One word of warning though: All of them except .Jobs have limited markets. So, especially because they’re free or inexpensive, they act more like supplements.

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Your Company’s Social Media Accounts

While it may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many companies don’t post their job ads on their social media. And we don’t mean paying for job ads on Facebook or Twitter-- we mean just making a post! The simplest way to do this is to say something catchy and succinct about the position. (Make sure you include the position’s name in the post!) Then just link back to a more complete, targeted job posting. This makes people’s job search easy!

Obviously, this has limited reach. Namely, this will probably only reach people who already follow your company on social media. But it’s a free way to ensure that anyone who has your company on their mind is aware of the opening. And it also makes your company look put together to be unified across social media in bringing new people onboard. Speaking of social media, you’ve probably considered putting your job ads on social media. But there’s one place you should really start…

Facebook’s Advertising

If you’re not advertising your company, let alone your job ads on Facebook, you really should be. Creating a social media page and updating it with articles or goings-on at your company makes your company look healthy and relevant. But there’s another piece to the equation you should be considering: Facebook ads.

Job ads on Facebook generally do well because Facebook is excellent at showing people posts relevant to their interests. In fact, it’s possible that your posts simply advertising an opening have appeared in front of potential hires. Paying for advertising simply extends this reach. In essence, Facebook will prioritize your posts and put them in front of people who wouldn’t normally see them. The post you already created for free? Simply “promote” it to boost its outreach!

Post Jobs Now

There are, again, limitations. This is limited to Facebook users, and only those that Facebook’s algorithms guess would be interested in your job ads. In addition, it’s limited by your budget. Facebook advertising is pretty flexible with budget, but because this is social media, it’s not exclusively advertising to potential hires. You could be spending decent money to put your ad in front of people who have no interest.

(Local) College Job Boards

If you’re ready for a very fresh face at your company, consider posting your job ads on college job boards. You have a guaranteed market and can build up a relationship with a school to earn a better reputation there. This is especially true for those with local jobs wanted. Staying close to a college after graduation is a simple move for many. If someone wants to find “job ads near me”, college job boards will be part of their job search.

While these opportunities are usually free, they are just as limited as the above. Job ads here are far more likely to be seen by recent grads. (Alumni tend to forget that their alma mater can help their job search.) Because of this, you’ll probably be getting mostly inexperienced applicants, which don’t fit every role.

You also may be competing with companies which already have ties to a school. If a student sees job ads from you and another company, but their professor has helped them get work at the other company… You’re going to have a hard sell. That said, as far as free job posting goes, you can’t really go wrong here.

Post Job Ads With .Jobs!

As far as posting an inexpensive job ad goes, you can’t beat working with the .Jobs network. We have several competitively priced options that spread across our network of tens of thousands of sites! See, anything posted with us ends up on all related sites. So any job ads based in the US is going to end up on our popular US.Jobs, among other places.

Our options include: One time job posting, extremely easy to use. Job ad slots, which are flexible and can be used for multiple positions. Daily job seeker email alerts and monthly newsletter emails, with tremendous outreach right in job seekers’ inboxes. Display advertising, which allows you to take over our webpages for an extended period of time. And many more options, starting as low as $99 for premium job ads slots! We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry for our outreach. It’s worth your time-- and budget-- to get in touch with us!

Given the free and inexpensive options above, you should have pretty good outreach already, and a lot of savings. .Jobs will get your job ads in front of a fantastic range of potential applicants already interested in your field. Be sure to look into the above options. And contact .Jobs today to see about getting your job ads on US.Jobs and across our network!

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