Job Opportunities - What candidates look for

What information to include in your opportunities.

The candidates applying to employer job opportunities have a lot of needs to meet. They need to meet living needs. They need to have a reasonable job. And they need to feel good enough about their day to day to stick with their job. With all that and more on a candidate’s plate, what should employers prioritize in their job postings?

.Jobs has the insights you need to optimize your current job opportunities! We’ll go over some relevant findings, and then discuss what that means for employers. Knowing what people what is half the battle, after all. Read on to see what candidates really want from their job opportunities!

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The Most Important Information

There have been many, many studies about what candidates look for in job opportunities. It’s a lot to comb through. That’s why we did it for you! It shouldn’t be a huge surprise, but across the board, there was one bit of information everyone wanted. It’s consistently ranked as the most important or most requested part of a job listing. That is:

  • Salary, compensation, how much job opportunities pay!
    After that, the studies tend to vary. Some found candidates cared most about the day to day work. Others showed logistics of getting to and being at work came next. Still others prioritized aspects of culture. Loosely ordered, these are things candidates consistently look for in their job search.
  • Location. What are job opportunities near me? Where am I going every day?
  • Flexibility. If I work hard, can the company work around my needs?
  • Qualifications. What does the job require, and do I meet the prerequisites?
  • Job description. What will I actually be doing day to day?
  • Commute time. How many extra hours will be taken up just getting to work?
  • Benefits. What all does a job have to offer its dedicated employees?
  • Employee reviews. What do existing employees think of their workplace?

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What Appeals To High Quality Candidates

As it turns out, the people applying to “jobs urgently hiring near me” aren’t always the ones looking to stay in that job forever. Simply making yourself available among current job opportunities won’t necessarily attract the most dedicated possible candidates. As it turns out, studies show that the most “high quality” candidates look for different things in their job search.

Unfortunately, those things don’t always align with the most requested information. Actually, sometimes, these are the parts of job opportunities that most candidates gloss over. Despite that, these are bits of information you should have for the candidates who care most.

  • Culture. Do the values of this employer match up with mine? What do I share in common with the workplace and employees?
  • Growth opportunities. Will I be able to advance in the company? Is there a future here? Will I be challenged enough by this job?
  • Reputation. Is this employer well spoken of by most people? Will their name be something I’m proud of in my career?

Other Important Information

Talent acquisition is tricky. After you’ve included all the above information in your job opportunities, you may think you’ve done more than enough. But candidates want more information in their job search still! After all, this is how they’ll be spending half their waking day. So what is the remaining information candidates look for in job opportunities?

  • Leadership. Who will I be working for? What are their priorities, and will I be one?
  • Clear / speedy process. What do I do next? How long should I wait? Will I definitely get some sort of response?
  • Technology. Does this company have the tools I need to do my job efficiently?

Of course, with all these categories, you’ll have to prioritize according to the opening. If a job can be done remotely, those job opportunities are in high demand-- highlight that fact! If you have exceptional or unusual benefits, don’t be afraid to set those apart. But if your job opportunities are lacking in some departments, it’s still suspicious to exclude information candidates expect to see. Just be open, honest, and sell your good qualities!

Bringing It All Together With .Jobs!

A hiring manager has a lot on their plate. You’ve got to write all these great job opportunities out. You have to find ways to make sure they get in front of candidates-- without spending too much. And that’s even before you start the full hiring process! Where are you supposed to start?

Well, for one, we know that candidates want the essential information up front. You may think, for instance, that hiding your salary in a competitive job search market is a smart move. But as it turns out, people want to know the facts about a job up front. So don’t be afraid to share that information! And we know that dedicated employees want to know what an employer is “like.” What would it be like to work there for a long time? You want to be concise, but you also want to give candidates all the essential information. If you can be efficient and enticing, candidates will feel great about applying to you!

And once you have your job opportunities, consider working with .Jobs to get the word out! We own tens of thousands of .Jobs targeted websites. So, for instance, any jobs based in the US will show up on our popular US.Jobs and many more targeted job search sites. And we have industry low rates starting at just $99! Once you have your best possible job opportunities available, you can spread them far and wide with US.Jobs and the .Jobs network. Contact us today!

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