Job Posting: Target your ideal candidate

When it comes to job posting, targeting the right audience is a big part of what sets your job posting apart. Especially when advertising in the US, a lot of companies are fighting for the top talent. It’s not enough to just release your job posting into the wilds of the internet. With all the competition, you need to know how to write a job posting that stands out in someone’s job search. You should know what job search sites are going to give you the best results. That’s where .Jobs comes in. We have experience with millions of job postings! We’re confident our targeted network of job search sites can perfectly fit your needs. Read on to see how to write a job posting and create the best job postings to get the candidates you want.

Job Posting: Target your ideal candidate

Step One: Create Your Brand

A strong brand serves two main purposes for a job posting. First, it gives you some control over your image. (Obviously!) Second, it can make you memorable-- no small feat in the job posting world. What exactly do you need to know about yourself to stand out in a job search?

  • How you want to be seen. This includes your company’s position in its market, and what kind of workplace you want to be. You need to know your goal before you can work towards it!
  • How you are seen now. What articles have been written about your company? What have employee reviews said about you? And what content have you put into the world?
  • What your strengths really are. Regardless of what’s been said, what is your company exceeding at in the workplace? And what is unique or good about working there? What opportunities, benefits, and culture are going to help you advertise the most appealing job opportunities possible?
  • Tone, tone, tone! It’s easy enough to say your employees “work hard, play hard.” But does that mean there’s a playful culture to the company? Does it mean there’s healthy competition? Or does your company provides various entertainments and events? All three of those are going to have different tones for their job posting. Know how you want to talk about your company ahead of time.

Create Your Job Post Now

Step One: Create Your Brand

As anyone experienced in making the best job postings ever will tell you, keywords get (search) results. This simple fact is what makes the .Jobs network of websites so powerful, and why US.Jobs is the best place to post your job postings. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! For now, here’s how you can best use keywords-- before US.Jobs takes care of the rest for you.

  • Use keywords specific to the job. This means both the terminology used in the job, and the requirements specific to the job. (But don’t use lingo without spelling out acronyms or explaining obscure terms!) Make sure to use words that match up to skills that job applicants would use on their resumes.
  • Use keywords to talk about benefits. Of course, this includes phrases like “paid time off” and “401k plan.” But it also means using catchy phrases for job postings. Like we said above, “work hard play hard” comes up a lot in job ads for a reason. It’s an appealing description that people understand quickly.
  • Use all popular variants of a keyword! QA Tester, QA Analyst, QA Tech, QA Specialist, QA Engineer-- there are a lot of ways to describe one job. This can be true of requirements or benefits, too. Use two or three of the most popular (and accurate) terms in your job posting.
  • Be wary of sounding like everyone else! Now, with all this keyword use, your job posting could look like a big list of cliches. Be sure to make the writing and job description around those keywords descriptive, catchy, and real. A lifeless job posting filled with buzzwords won’t stand out as much in a job search as a vibrant one saying the same things.

Step Three: Understand How .Jobs Makes The Most Of Your Job Posting

It’s hard to get your job posting in front of the right eyes. After all, even with all the keyword-targeted searches, job search sites aren’t perfect, and your job posting can get buried. And that’s exactly what makes US.Jobs, and the network of .Jobs sites, the best option! When you put your job posting on US.Jobs, right away you’re reaping all the benefits of our platform: A keyword-centric job search. The ability to narrow results by location. A chance to highlight your job posting before all others.

But what’s really special is the .Jobs network. Because we own the domain .Jobs, all of our sites are targeted based on the website’s keyword first. Suppose, for example, that you want to post a software QA job based in the US. That means your job posting will appear on US.Jobs, QA.Jobs, Technology.Jobs, and any other .Jobs websites that pertain to your job posting! And with tens of thousands of job search sites in the .Jobs network, that’s a lot of places for people to see your job posting!

And the best part? Whether you’re creating a free job posting or using our premium plans to your advantage, you will still have your job posting appear across our tens of thousands of targeted websites. Now, with your knowledge of branding and keywords, you’re positioned to make the most of US.Jobs and the .Jobs network! Set up a job posting with .Jobs today!

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