Job Postings - 10 Must Do’s

Turning job postings into filled jobs is always going to take some time. It’s just the nature of the beast-- finding a great candidate takes time and luck. But there are things you can do to make your job postings stand out in someone’s job search.

And that’s where .Jobs comes in! We’ve compiled 10 must do’s for job postings that can take your job postings to the next level. Whether you’re a fresh face or old hat at helping people find jobs, you can always get better. Read on to improve your game!

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1. Make Your Job Title Pop

Depending on the job, you may or may not be able to do much to improve the job title. But whenever possible, aim to make your job postings’ job titles accurate and appealing. Plenty of companies are trying to hire Quality Assurance Testers. But how about Quality Assurance Analysts? Or Quality Assurance Technicians? Perhaps even Quality Assurance Specialists? Make the job seem obtainable and empowering!

2. Treat Your Introduction Like It’s Your Only Shot

When people are searching for every relevant job posting they can find, they’re looking for standouts. Your best chance for your job postings is to snag a job applicant in the first few sentences. How?

  • Make the job sound appealing! Describe fun, challenging, or interesting daily work.
  • Charm them! Add some visual flair to stand out, add some humor, or make them think about the day to day of the job.
  • Be inclusive, but specific! This job could take many types, but these are the best parts.
  • Don’t use jargon! Seriously. Even if inside jokes are appealing to those who get them, they’re fare more disheartening to those that don’t.

3. Describe The Position Loosely

As with the intro, the job description should focus on essential information and highlights. Job postings are just ads; applicants will get into the nitty gritty later. All you really want to cover here are two things. One, what employees of this job do on a basic level. And two, what problems they solve for the company. Explain their place in the larger whole. Speaking of which…

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4. Describe The Company Evocatively

This is the place people are going to be spending half of their waking day. Make it sound great! In a couple sentences, describe the culture. Get into special events. Of course, touch on worker benefits, especially the unusual ones. Job postings should paint a brief but appealing picture of the environment. And more on the environment…

5. Location, Location, Location

The workplace is more than just its people. Describe the physical location. What does the building or campus have to offer? Is it close to interesting places? Is it close to where the applicants live? It should be no surprise how many applicants are searching for “job postings near me” in their job search. Be a great location near them!

6. Only Use Essential Requirements

While it’s tempting to describe your ideal candidate in your job postings, its a bad idea. The odds of stumbling across your perfect match with hyperspecificity is way smaller than your chance of scaring away perfectly good applicants. Say what the jobs actually require, and leave it at that. Expect to weed people out during the hiring process! You can always have a section for “extra points” that will give candidates an edge on their competition.

7. Summarize And Reiterate

At the end of your job postings, wrap things up in a couple sentences. This shouldn’t be as big as some of the other sections. Just put enough to restate the best parts about the job. And be sure to include a “call to action” for people to apply! Believe it or not, these actually help people apply!

8. Explain The Application / Next Steps, And Be Ready

Make applying to your job postings as simple for your applicant as possible. If you need examples of their work, give them multiple options of kinds of examples. Or if you need specific examples, make your instructions clear. And if you need their work history, don’t ask for a resume AND make them manually input a resume!

Then, lay out what happens next for the candidate. Give a loose timeline for when they may hear back. And have your process set up so you are clear and able to respond quickly. You build a great reputation by being easy to apply to.

9. Put Your Job Postings On Your Social Media

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: You should post your job ads on your social media accounts. Include your job title, an even briefer introduction, and link to the job posting. Use a catchy visual if you can! This makes your company look put together and invested in the humanistic side of hiring. And it’s also free advertising for your job postings!

10. Work With .Jobs!

The .Jobs network owns tens of thousands of targeted job search sites! When you post a job ad with us, you’re spread across all relevant sites. For instance, that US based QA job described above? That will show up on US.Jobs, QA.Jobs, and Technology.Jobs, among others. And with industry low rates starting at $99, it’s a cheap and rewarding option for advertising job postings! We’re an invaluable resource to anyone looking into a specific field on their job search. And we can be just as valuable to those seeking to fill jobs as those trying to find jobs. Get in touch with .Jobs today to find out how we can turn your job postings into filled jobs!

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