Resume Databases

Using a Resume Database to find that Top-Tier Talent that will fit both your needs and your culture.

“What makes a resume database great?”

If you’ve perused the web looking for a resume database at all, you know that there are dozens of databases out there. Some are public, some are private, some use an ATS (Automated Tracking System) and some don’t. Every database you interact with will have different details and techniques imbued into its system. Every option has its own pros and cons, and you have to weigh them carefully.

You find yourself asking, “what do I look for in a Resume Database?”

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There are several key elements that set efficient databases above not so efficient.

Things like:

  • Up to date resumes
  • Advanced search abilities
  • Clear, inclusive prices
  • Full visibility
  • ATS capabilities

It can be a hunt to locate a resume database with all five elements. In a lot of databases, you have to sacrifice one thing for another. You’ll get advanced search abilities but it’ll pull up dead resumes from abandoned accounts. Or maybe you’ll be pleased with their ATS system but they keep throwing surprise fees at you. It’s a difficult journey to find the right resume database for you and your company, so here’s a little help.

.Jobs offers an extraordinary resume database that offers all five of these elements. It’s easy to navigate, comfortable on the eyes for reading and thorough to boot.

.Jobs resume database, Resume Library covers all of your worries in:

Up to date resumes:

You won’t find yourself picking a candidate that you end up realizing hasn’t updated their resume since 2014. No more abandoned accounts to unused email addresses that won’t ever respond to any of your messages. Every resume presented to you on your resume search through Resume Library is updated and attached to active accounts. You’re searching through a database full of excited and waiting for potential candidates.

Advanced search capabilities

Most databases have that bland search bar, where you type in “engineer” and hope for the best. Maybe you’ll find some resumes for engineers in your field, but who’s to say they’re not hundreds of miles away? Having the ability to use an advanced search bar makes life so much easier when searching for candidates. Therefore, when using Resume Library instead of a simple “engineer”, you can specify what kind. So, you can set your location and assure you’re only getting resumes that are close to your business, or far if you prefer.

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Clear, inclusive prices

This one is pretty cut and dry, right? No one likes being in the middle of signing up for something and getting an ad to spend surprise money. Or signing up for something under the guise of it being free and finding out it was only the sign up that’s free. .Jobs makes a point to use clear and honest pricing in all of their services. When you’re signing up to Resume Library, it tells you exactly what you get, for exactly the price. Nothing hidden or deceptive, just upfront and inclusive pricing.

Full Visibility

You lose visibility whenever you use most databases that use tiered pricing or free tiers with “paid perks”. Resume data is clear and all of the important details you would need to decide if a job seeker is a fit are given. So, this means that you can make a smart decision on a potential hire before you pay for the contact information. Once you decide that the individual is right for you and your company, it is as simple as buying and applying a credit to unlock the contact details for the resume you are looking for. Services will often hide details that make evaluating a potential hire difficult until you pay, however, not Resume Library.

ATS capabilities

.Jobs has employed an ATS in their resume database. There are so many plus sides to having an ATS, mainly that it means no more have to conduct a resume search by hand. An ATS will present the best resumes for your suited needs. The keywords and skill words you want to see are what will be brought to the table, expertly separated by the hardworking ATS. The more specific and advanced your search, the more choices you’ll get thanks to this system.

Our provided options:

Instead of combing through pages on google, trying to weigh and measure what resume database to try first, try Resume Library. It has every element that makes a database go from just another database to a tool for successful employment. If you find yourself really craving that extra step, .Jobs offers a private resume database as well. This database offers the ability to purchase bulk amounts of resumes processed through a machine learning engine. It allows them to provide all the relevant hiring data in an easy to integrate form.

Whether you’re searching for a position here or there or shooting for that next step, .Jobs and their resume databases won’t disappoint.

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