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Money makes the world go ‘round. Money funds and fuels things and helps keep the order of things, so why wouldn’t you want to save it where you can? It totally makes sense, right? The problem with searching to save money in those little ways is that it can end up biting you big time. Searching for potential employees for your business using a free resume database can definitely bite you in the end.

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Sure, it costs nothing. Nothing that’s free can be bad, right?

There’s more downsides than you’d realize using a free database to search for resumes. You’ll run into things like:

Outdated Resumes

A lot of free resume databases fail on the candidate side of things with an abundance of abandoned accounts and outdated resumes. You’ll be scrolling through piles and piles of resumes and come across one that’s just perfect! You read a little more closely and, ah, it hasn’t been updated since 2016. Now you’re back to square one, scrolling and searching. Even if you find a resume that seems somewhat recent, it means nothing if attached to a dead account. Ultimately leaving you waiting for a response that won’t come.

Non-local Candidates

Free databases search for key typed words and that’s about it. You can be looking for professional electricians and the database will certainly provide but from where? It’s great to find that a handful of amazing potential employees, and then frustrating when you notice they all live 400 miles away. Most free databases don’t have the capability to retrieve and list resumes from a specific area. It ends up feeling like a massive waste of time and leaves you disappointed if the local candidates you do find aren’t as impressive.

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Unqualified Candidates

Again, with the gift of a simple keyword search, free databases will give you piles of unqualified candidates. If someone merely mentions one of your key search words, they’ll end up in your file. You’ll find yourself with your head in your hand asking, “how did this resume even get to me?” It’ll be because while you were searching resumes for professional welder, someone who “really digs welding” in their hobbies will be in your inbox.


Spam. Who wants spam in their inbox? No one. Free resume databases are ripe with it, on both the employer and job seeker side of things. Job seekers often abandon seeking jobs on free database sites because they’re sent nonsense job offers from spammers. Employers can get the same on their end, people just spamming the apply button no matter what it may be. If you’re using a free database, that means you’re going through the resumes by hand. Who wants to waste even more time on spam emails and cookie cutter resumes?

Blocked Visibility

Have you used a free resume database and wondered why some postings have hundreds of applicants but you have none? It’s because of blocked visibility. Almost all free resume database give tiered options to spend money. A small set amount gets you a few job postings boosted, a little bit more gets you a few extra thousand possible views. When those options are utilized by others, it tanks the visibility of your job posting ever further to the bottom of the pile. It makes it so even those qualified and seemingly perfect for you candidates won’t ever see your job posting.

Hidden and Surprise Fees

Like we just covered, money helps you climb the ladder in the free resume database world. Some sites will flash the word free at you fifty times, the whole way through making an account and then boom, ask for cash. We’re back to time is money here; wasting time making accounts only to find they’re going to pull from your pockets in a shady way. Some databases will tell you they’re free, let you post four or five job postings and then, surprise! If you want to post any more, you just have to pay a small fee. That’s a pretty loose term of free, I’d say.

So, what are my alternatives?

Taking all that in, and going back to the idea that time is money, and wasted money is a tragedy. Why bother with a free resume database? You’re going to spend hours scrolling only to find frustrations, hidden fees and in the end, wasted time? Therefore, you waste the money you saved using a free database in lost hours and interviewing possibly unfit candidates. Finding yourself at the bottom of the barrel will give you likewise options, and you want what’s best for your business.

In conclusion, our top suggestion for an effective resume database:

Our suggestion for the place you should conduct your resume search is Resume Library. We’re all familiar with the phrase, “you get what you pay for,” especially in business. The price you pay to use a well designed, effective database like Resume Library is worth every penny. Knowing that when you put in your information for your search, you’ll be getting exactly what you’re looking for is such a relieving feeling. No more wonder if this person lives near your business, let alone in the United States. No more dreading reading through a resume and loving it until you get to the part where it hasn’t been updated in five years. It’s up to you to answer the question… How much is your time worth?

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