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Need help making the best resume possible? Look no further, there are resume services to help!

Looking for employment is a hard task! Days of searching and filling out applications take up more time than you’d realize, and stacking designing everything that comes with a resume is sometimes just too much. There’s an art to creating a great resume, and it’s certainly a learned art. Though don’t worry, there are resume services out there just for that reason!

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Now, why would I pay for a resume building service when I can just make one myself?

We find ourselves asking that question a lot, don’t we? Any time we pose that question, there’s usually quite a few reasons that we don’t do it ourselves. When it comes to building a resume, things are no different. There’s a lot that goes into building a resume, and when you slapdash one together, you and your potential employers can tell. There are hundreds of trained professionals out there who want to help you succeed and make your resume look its best.

What do I look for when it comes to hiring a resume service?

First and foremost, finding a service that feels natural and comfortable is a great start. You wouldn’t want someone you can’t feel comfortable talking to writing your resume, right? A few things to look for and note when picking a resume service are:

  • Their customer satisfaction rate - Check and see how previous customers have felt using services. They can give you a little insight.
  • The cost is stated clearly and transparently - Try and avoid companies that give you the run around when asking for pricing.
  • Whether they offer a contract or not -Most services worth their salt will offer a contract upon agreement and go through it with you.
  • The timeline - Know what kind of time frame you’re looking to have your resume finished it. Furthermore, some companies are busier and have longer wait times, and they may not work with what you need.

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More than what do I look for, what are the different types of resume services?
There are many elements to writing and designing a resume, and just as many types of services. There’s everything from cover letter only services to all-inclusive, and not everyone knows what that means or includes!

Cover Letter Services

Cover letter services while offering what seems like the most minimal service, offer an important one. This resume service does more than you’d expect by:

  • Researching your field and the company you’re applying for
  • Making sure your cover letter matches the color and format of your resume
  • Writing your cover letter as a trained professional with your needs in mind

Your cover letter is the first thing that your future employers see. We’ve all heard “first impressions last a lifetime,” and that’s certainly a fact in the business world. Also, cover letter services help make you look as crisp and professional as possible, giving the best first impression you could ask for.

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Resume Content Writing

Maybe you know exactly what format you want, and you have no doubt on design but are a little lost on wording? Resume writing services come in handy in the best of ways. There’s a decorum when it comes to resumes. Similarly, there’s an ocean of little tips and tricks to help you achieve what you want and wading through it can be exhausting. Resume writers already have this information, and the credentials and training to help put your best foot forward. Consequently, they know what your style of employer wants to see, and know how to speak to those employers. They’ve masters of wordsmithing, and can really take a big weight off of your shoulders by:

  • Covering all the spell-checking and “comma or semicolon” moments.
  • Assuring your verbiage isn’t out of place or lacking fluidity when read.
  • Knowing the keywords that will catch employers eyes.

Once you’ve found a resume writer that suits you, you’ll never regret it.

Resume Formatting

For when you know what you want to say, but just aren’t sure how it should look. Resume formatting services are trained and skilled at putting your resume in the correct order for what you need. Some fields and positions call for having your skills near the top and your job titles and info at the bottom. Some prefer your education and job history to be highlighted with your learned skills mentioned at the bottom. It’s hard to sort out what is the preferred resume format in what avenue, and that’s where a formatting service comes in handy.

Resume Templating

Templating services are there to give you that final wow piece, the thing that’s going to make a recruiters eyes go straight to your resume. These services design what your resume is going to look like. How far the border goes, what the alignment of your wordage is, what colors and graphics to use; they cover it all. They can help a tacky, overdone resume look cool and chic, or make a bland resume visually vibrant. Templates will help you decide what part of your personality you want to convey in a first look and bring it to life.

All Inclusive Services

All inclusive resume services cover everything under the “Resume Sun”. They do it all, every piece of what makes your resume a whole. Some of these places allow you to work with different members of a team that’s doing different parts of your resume. Others are more managerial based, where you answer questions covering the whole system and it’s sent to the designers. The best part of all-inclusive services is that you don’t have to search for specific professionals to do your whole resume. It’s all right there, in the service you’ve chosen, for a set fee. It’s nice to be able to just hand it all off and know that when it returns, the whole is finished!

With these services at hand, go forth and prosper.

There are tons of resume services out there hoping to help you get the job of your dreams. Take your time deciding so you can feel comfortable with the people helping design the ticket to your chosen future! It’s okay to want everything in one places, it’s okay to want multiple services and artists, and it’s okay to have no idea. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what path to head down and helps you feel a little more steady in your journey.