10 Talent Acquisition Must Do’s

Talent acquisition is an integral part of a growing company.

Unfortunately, understanding what is talent acquisition can be as difficult as actually implementing it. There are several talent acquisition strategies to consider, as well as optimizing the talent acquisition process. Developing and maintaining an entire talent management system, as it turns out, isn’t done overnight. But what are the most important, and overlooked, talent acquisition strategies?

We at .Jobs have put together the top 10 talent acquisition must do’s. These are the most important or easily missed parts of the talent acquisition process. And the good news is, the .Jobs network can help with popular job search sites like US.Jobs.

But we’ll get to that. Let’s start with the very first step…

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1. Start Gathering Analytics Early

Literally everything we’re going to discuss is improved by, if not dependent on, data analytics. Any talent acquisition specialist worth their salt will spend much of their time collecting research. What does your company excel at? And what information about the company is out in the ether? And on the other side of things: Where could they use improvement? What are the gaps in the system? You’ll understand more about what you need to know as we go down this list.

2. Learn Your Brand

They say that before you get into a relationship, you should know yourself. The very same goes for hiring. Learn your company’s brand! This is an accumulation of what the company puts out there. It’s also what other groups, like publications, say about the company. And of course it’s what previous and current employees say about their employer. Some essential talent acquisition skills are an innate understanding of brand, and being able to communicate that. And if your brand is a bit niche? That can be a good thing! Specificity breeds deeper Mosconnection, which breeds passion.

3. Upkeep Social Media

Get used to working with PR on how to represent your brand on social media! However dependant talent acquisition strategies are on brand, they’re equally dependent on social media for messaging. Connect with employees and interested parties. Create posts in line with your brand, and engage with any response they get. As you cultivate a representation of your culture and values, you’ll find similar candidates drawn to your brand. And remember: You want your brand to be accurate and honest. Focus on the positives, but don’t make things up. It’s not a sustainable model.

4. Research Your Company’s Needs

Along with PR, you’ll be working with your hiring manager and HR department to figure out company needs. What does the company need? How is that need being met-- or not met? And how can those needs be better met? There’s a part of the talent acquisition process here that’s often overlooked, believe it or not. It’s that talent management sometimes involves generating jobs, not just filling them. You may discover you need new leadership or may turn part time positions into full time ones. Either way, you’re not gonna find that out without doing your research.

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5. Organize And Optimize Your Processes

Even before you post your first job ad, you’ll want to ensure you have your talent acquisition process in place. Can you efficiently gather what you need from candidates? How will you communicate with them in a timely manner? Are your communications efficient? From there, how will the interview process go? Will there be multiple rounds of interviews? How will you organize the data on your end? And once you hire, is onboarding both efficient and inviting to excite new hires? It’s a lot to keep track of. .Jobs can help, though-- read on to find out how...

6. Utilize Modern Technology

Every step of the recruiting process is improved by modernizing your pipeline. Organize candidate responses, create a talent acquisition process for hiring, optimize onboarding, etc. There are many solutions to these problems, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the best-- ourselves! When you work with sites like US.Jobs in the .Jobs network, you get access to mobile recruiting sites, a growing need. You also get applicant tracking to make sure that no matter where we advertise your job, all the applicants will end up in one place. But where all will we advertise? Well...

7. Choose Places To Advertise

One of the most obvious talent acquisition strategies is to get your job ads in front of many, interested eyes. The .Jobs network is built around doing just that. When you advertise with us, your job ads are pushed out to our network of tens of thousands of targeted job search sites. For instance, any US based jobs will appear on our popular US.Jobs along with any other related sites. And with industry low pricing starting at $99, working with .Jobs is low risk, high reward. When you’re done hear, contact us to find out how we can supplement your talent acquisition process!

8. Build Relationships

As you develop a social media presence, you will want to hone your interpersonal talent acquisition skills. Of course, this means developing an efficient, but open and friendly, dialogue between yourself and candidates. But it also means building relationships with talent management from other companies. Not to mention, you should be on good terms with staffing agencies and other local or related. Do you know what both a hospital and an insurance company need? A solid tech department! Learn who’s looking for work in your area-- they may be switching fields.

9. Maintain Relationships

Obviously, you should maintain good relations with other companies. But the talent acquisition process doesn’t end with a hire. You’ll want to give new hires a warm welcome, for one. But you’ll also want to give them opportunities to learn and grow within the company. After all, it’s a lot easier to hire someone for leadership who already knows the company from the inside! And don’t forget to keep the resumes and contact information of unhired candidates handy. If you built a rapport during the hiring process, you may find a good fit for them down the line. Even if it’s not the job they originally applied for!

10. Be What You Project During Talent Acquisition

We said it above, but it’s important to remember: None of this works if your brand is a lie. People value authenticity, and they can tell when something’s off, so represent your brand genuinely. Focus on the positives, of course, but choose real ones. An open dialogue, even if it means admitting imperfections, is rare and appreciated in today’s job market. And with that in mind, go represent your brand as best you can! And contact .Jobs today to see how sites like US.Jobs are an integral part of the talent acquisition process!

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